Sunday, February 15, 2009

Taking Care of Business

Thursday, I got a message from our adoption contact, Jon, at the Children Services office. He told me that Son's Older Brother's foster dad (Foda) was in the hospital and that the other child in Foda's house, Jimmy, had no place to live while Foda was out. Jon asked if there was any way we could take care of Jimmy for a few days while they figured something out.

I thought this was odd. First, Son's Older Brother would also need a place to stay for a while, and it would make more sense for him to stay with us than for Jimmy to stay with us, but you act where the need is greatest. I called GPop, and we discussed for a few minutes.

Son's Older Brother has told us in the past that Jimmy is huge and has some issues with his temper that can make him kind of scary at times. However, reports are that is he is also profoundly lazy, so hosting him for a few days wouldn't be a burden if we could find a comfy chair in front of the teevee with a DVD player.

I called Jon back and left a message that we may be able to assist, but that we had some concerns about getting him to and from school (45 minutes each way, and in the opposite direction from where GPop and I work), whether he needs 24x7 supervision, and if there are any medications or special needs that we weren't aware of.

About fifteen minutes later, the social worker for Son's Older Brother called us and told us that Jon had been confused. They actually wanted us to watch Son's Older Brother. I called Son's Older Brother to let him know that I would be on my way in about an hour. He sounded a bit put out, so I told him to call the social worker for details.

A few minutes later, Son's Older Brother called back. He was very irritated that he was going to come to our house and would be unable to spend Valentine's Day with his girlfriend. The social worker had given him an earful about priorities, and he wasn't too happy to have been reminded that Foda in the hospital outweighs dinner with girlfriend.

Everyone calmed down, and I went to get him. Foda should be out of the hospital by tonight.


Faith said...

Hi GDad,
I haven't been around in a while. I hope all is going well. If it's ok, I like to catch up and your blog again. It was always so interesting.
I'll be picking my blog up again soon. Hope you'll stop in occasionally
Hope all is well!

GDad said...


Good to see you around again. I look forward to seeing your place back up and running.

Faith said...

I wanted to let you know that my husband has demanded I remove my blog because he feels it is slanderous. He stated he would not pay for slander therefore if I wanted the continue support I must remove the blog. I regret that I am no longer able to posts my feelings and hear from those that cared to respond.
Thank you for reading,and your responses to my blog. I wish you well.

GDad said...

If there's court-ordered payments, I don't believe that he can unilaterally decide not to pay them without some penalty. Unfortunately, the penalty only comes later. He could decide to withhold funds for a while before it caught up to him.

There are a lot of decisions that you'd need to make regarding how you want this to play out. If you are most interested in cutting ties, then good luck, and stand strong. If you need to rely on that income, then keep consequences in mind.

Most of all, good luck.