Wednesday, February 4, 2009

TAL Tales

I was listening to an old broadcast of This American Life the other day. It was episode #88, Numbers. In one of the acts, the host interviewed some people who created music based on the results of a poll to see what consumers liked.

When the musicians combined the musical elements that were the most popular in the poll, they got a standard pop song with not too much personality. When they combined the elements that were least popular, they ended up with an opera singer rapping about cowboys with accompaniment by tuba, accordion, bagpipe, and an organ. The song also features children singing about holidays, including Labor Day.

What fun!


Shay said...

A rap cowboy bagpipe song. I think that's against the Geneva convention.

Bill said...

Can we please include xylophones on that list, or is it too late?

(WV is tailya. Happenstance, no doubt)