Thursday, March 5, 2009

All Politics Is Local

A few days ago, I was feeling especially ornery, so I wrote a couple of letters to some of my elected officials. The internet saves me the cost of a stamp, so I pretty routinely drop them notes.

My local representative to the state House (Now you know I don't live in Nebraska.), who was elected in November, seems to align a bit more to my requirements for a representative than the previous guy, who would probably have been in office yet, except my state has term limits. In any case, I wrote her a note welcoming her to the position in the district and letting her know that I was looking forward to hearing what plans she had to bring our state's prosperity and integrity back. The intern or staffer who answered seems almost confused that someone would write just to send their regards. This might be a good chance to have an ear in the state gubmint.

My newly-elected (not by me) US Congressional Representative was quoted last week as saying something exceptionally partisan and historically inaccurate. A good eighth grade education would have given him the tools not to say something that dense. The A sad thing is that of all of the Republican candidates in the primary, this guy seemed to be the smartest and most ethical. Anyway, I wrote to him to see if he had a statement about his faux pas, so I even let him off the hook by asking if he was, perhaps, misquoted. He has not responded. I foresee less of a productive relationship with this person.

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Bill said...

It's nice that you are becoming a poli-sci-fi writer.