Monday, March 2, 2009

Home and Garden

We went to the Capital City Home and Garden Extravaganza With Adjacent (But Not Attached) Gun Show this weekend. Well, more specifically, we went to the Home and Garden part. We drove the hybrid, not the pickup truck, so I don't think we'd've been allowed in the gun part.

There was a presentation on By the Square Foot Gardening. It sounds intriguing, but until I see the results, I remain a bit skeptical. I think I'll make a box for that style of gardening and see what comes up. More results as the year progresses.


Anonymous said...

We use the gardening by the square foot method, and it's wonderful. Everything is so compact and plantings are so close together that there's really very little weeding. Plus, the yields are great -- I put up 35 quarts of tomato sauce last summer. We're STILL eating off of that stock.

(We were allowed in to the gun show near our house, despite driving a family-mobile. We didn't even have to knock teeth out or dress the baby in came, either. :P )

GDad said...

I had a Sharpie ready in case I had to black out a tooth or two, but I doubt it would've stood up under close scrutiny.

Jen said...

Our Home and Garden show is this weekend and I kinda want to go but I'm sure I will simply leave feeling bad about my kitchen and garden. I'm not sure where the gun show is that is usually held in the more conservative St. Paul rather than Minneapolis.

Jonathan said...

We (and by "we," I mean select demographic of the city/county population that does not include me) have a gun and ammo show scheduled within the next few weeks. Part of their advertising message is to appeal to the fears "that the new administration will take your guns and ammo away, so come and get yours while you still can!"

"Moospen" is my verification word. :)