Thursday, March 26, 2009

Like an Arrow

<cliche>They grow up so fast.</cliche>

Son asked a girl to "go out with him" last Friday. Monday, he came home and told me that she gave him her phone number.

"Now what do I do?" he asked.

"Pick up the phone, and press those numbers in that order," was what I wanted to say, but my internal censor caught the words on the way out. "Maybe you should call her."

"What do I say?"

"Well, keep it on safe topics, keep it to less than 10 minutes, and make sure you give her plenty of opportunity to talk. Ask her what she did over the weekend. Tell her about your music contest. Ask her if she watches Heroes. And if the conversation starts to go bad, you can bail out by telling her that your dad needs you to do something."

He called, and I was expecting to have to actually get him off the phone after about 10 minutes. After about 90 seconds of stuttering, he bailed on the call with the "Dad needs me" line.

On Tuesday, the girl called back, and they talked for several minutes.

And they call it puppy love...


Guinea Pig said...

You're a braver parent then me. I'm cowering in the corner until 2030.

BTW, this is try 3 at leaving a comment. Something is glitchy.

Angry Professor said...


(That's me, screaming in terror.)

GDad said...

And he's inviting her to his birthday party this Saturday. If I weren't already losing my hair, this would certainly trigger it.

Shay said...

Oh, what you're in for, for the next six or so years ;-)