Thursday, March 19, 2009

More Dreams

I've been having some recurring dreams where I'm walking in the off-campus area near a large university. The area is very urban - not in the sense of Manhattan, but more in the sense of The Hood. It's always dark, and the sodium vapor streetlamp closest to me is always off, although about two thirds of the streetlamps are on, so it's not pitch black. I usually have some errand or destination in mind, and I rarely feel threatened, although there are a lot of menacing characters about.

Last night's installment included walking with someone who resembled a guy from work, but I knew he wasn't the person I knew. We were walking with a young woman who looked a lot like the character Karen Pelly from Corner Gas. The man used some sort of strong potion that he convinced her to smell in order to loosen her inhibitions. I objected and told him to leave. Then Karen and I sat on a large rock.


Bill said...

Fascinating. It sounds like you ended up on a rock in a hard place.

GDad said...

Bill, you win the day.

Shay said...

chili for dinner?

(bad, bad pun!)

Queers United said...

At least you are remembering your dreams, they dissapear from my conscious mind so quickly when I wake up.