Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Plumbing Dumbing

One of our buildings has swapped out the urinals in the gentlemen's rooms with waterless urinals. Yay green!

Yesterday, I was at that building, and one of the new urinals was out of order. How is that even possible?


Dave said...

That's just friggin' creepy. Where does it go? One filtration and into the office coffee water reservoir? I would look into this before drinking anything in that building.

Mustang Bobby said...

They work by having some kind of oil that floats above the piss and seals it off from giving off odors. The urine goes down the drain and the oil stays. It's supposed to be odorless, but they tried them as experiments here in our building in one of the biffys and they reeked. They yanked them out after six months after people refused to use them and went to the stalls instead. (No, Larry Craig did not take up residence.)

GDad said...

It appears not to stink as badly as the portable toilets you see at festivals and concerts. I suppose that is equivalent to "doesn't smell" for some people.

Anonymous said...

What can go wrong? One word: clogs. From, um, debris.

But on the whole, my experience with them has been OK. Our brand-new corporate campus got these green wonders a year and a half ago, and they've been as good as advertised.

Very little smell (no more than a conventional one). Usually clean enough.