Saturday, March 7, 2009

Sign, Sign, Everywhere a Sign

I just saw a Burger King marquee that read 'TRY OUR ANGRY WHOPPER'. I eat at BK about once every three years, so I have been out of the loop on the new menu items.


Guinea Pig said...

I saw that too. What is that all about? Wait, I don't really care.

hwqe said...

Does it get angry when it has entered the internals of your system. I am so confused?

Tim and Louie said...

I recall when McDonald's came out with their new McTasty burger. The sign read: "Try our new McNasty!"

I nearly drove my car off the road!

Needless to say, anytime my husband and I drive past a McDonald's we always say "McNasty!"

- Louie

Tim and Louie said...

Oops! My mistake!

It wasn't the McTasty, it was the "Big N' Tasty" burger.

So, the sign read "Try the new, Big Nasty!"

I'm sure the person that filled out the sign was probably flunking English class!

- Louie

Bill said...

I drive by a BK on my way to work, and their sign says the same thing.
I'd like to know what the whopper is angry about before I ordered one.

Tim and Louie said...

They say "You are what you eat", so I will avoid eating the "angry whopper" so as not to become an angry person.

Perhaps the "Yes on Prop. xxx" crowed has been eating too many "Angry Whoppers"?