Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Unexpected Kindness

The other day, I was on my daily quest for a bagel and morning drink down in the cafeteria at the building where I work. I turned away from the bagel station to get my morning soft drink when I noticed that the variety that I like was not on the shelf. The cart man who refills the drinks rattled by with an empty cart, so there was no joy to be had from him, either.

I stood dejected and defeated for a moment, but then I left my private pity party and started to meander over to the bagel decoration area to top my bagel with yummy peanut butter and jelly. As soon as I got there, the cart man popped up out of nowhere. He had seen my quiet disappointment and had gotten two of my favorite morning drink from the back room. He quietly handed them to me, nodded, and walked off. I was so astounded that all I could do was thank him and start laughing.

The manager looked really harried that day, but I will catch her this morning. She needs to know that she has a gem on her staff. Not only did he remember what I habitually bought, but he took the extra time and effort to help me get it without me asking. What great service!


Guinea Pig said...

Things like this renew our faith in humanity.

Plus we wouldn't want you to experience day one of withdrawals only to find you can, in fact, live without it.

Bill said...

I'm glad you found an enabler. Your direct reports may have suffered all day, otherwise.

Nice story.

Jen said...

I love it when things happen like that. Don't forget to let the manager know how great this guy is. Why is it that the people who have jobs that most of us wouldn't consider doing manage to do them with more flair and integrity than those of us who have sexier jobs?

GDad said...

I made sure to leave a comment card, and when I saw the general manager today, I reiterated the story. She assured me that Bob would get some recognition.