Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Angry Language Guy - Back from Extended Hiatus

If I could select one word to remove from the English language, I think I would pick "dude".

On a related note, Son had two classmates over last night to work on a school project.


Shay said...

My nomination: "like."

GDad said...

Or the execrable "Like, dude..."

Bill said...

I think, like, we should all start calling you GDude.

Jen said...

I love the word "dude" it is the only word you can have an entire conversation with.

Dude! (hello)

Dude! (hi)

Duuude? (what's up)

Dude (nothin', dude)

It sounds better and makes more sense when spoken.

I nominate taking "like" out of the English language. Also "Dawg".

Jonathan said...

count me among the dislikers of "like." ;)