Monday, April 20, 2009

In Vino... Something

On Saturday, we had dinner at a local pizza joint/sports bar. At the next table, there was a group watching the teevee and drinking copious quantities of beer. It was kind of entertaining to watch them become increasingly inebriated and decreasingly articulate.

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alexandralynch said...

Ah, yes, observing drunks is a ton of fun.

I once sat in a friend's bar and watched as four men got seriously drunk on a godawful combination of alcohols (Rumpleminze with chasers of Bud?!?! Then a round of Hot Damn?!?), and then decide they needed to find a livelier place to spend the remainder of the night. They were now at the stage of drunk where one forgets what one just said. After much arguing back and forth, one said, well, he'd drive, but they had to chip in for gas. They were trying to split the cost of a gallon of gas four ways while having about two seconds of short term memory.

This having been accomplished somehow, the man stood up and walked out to get his car. Fifteen seconds passed, and he walked back in again.

"Hey guys, I forgot. I walked to the bar."

Thank all the gods. The bartender called them a cab.