Thursday, April 2, 2009


Several weeks ago, we went to see Michael Shermer speak at Large State University in Capital City. He spoke some about his usual topic, and the title of his book, Why People Believe Weird Things. The lecture was held in a room where I believe I may have had a physics or chemistry class way back when I was a college lad. Hard to say, though, human memory being what it is. One of my "really nice people that I'm proud to call friend, even though we see each other in meatspace about once every nine months on average" friends was in charge of babysitting Dr. Shermer whilst he was on campus, and although I saw Professor Friend from across the room at the lecture, the crowd dynamics didn't let me get to chat with her.

On Tuesday night, I had a dream that I was supposed to go to another lecture in this series, so I got on my bicycle and headed there. I had a street address in my dream for a street that doesn't exist on the campus of Large State University in real life, so I had to rely on a crudely-drawn map to get there.

The map took me over the river and through the wood all over the campus. At one point, I rode my bike through a flock of pigeons and almost collided with an old friend who was taking very close up pictures of the tags on peoples' shirts. Soon after that, I rode my bike through the large main university library, à la Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.

After riding through the library, I was delayed by some road construction. Two machines, each about the size of a cathedral, were moving concrete road blockades to "help" with the flow of traffic. I managed to get past them, and finally arrived at the lecture hall, where I saw Professor Friend.

Then I woke up.

Later that day, I checked my e-mail, and by strangest of coincidences, I found out that there was another lecture in that series scheduled for that night. Then my phone rang, and Son's school nurse advised me that Son was feeling ill at school. So, although I would have liked to attend the lecture, I would have had a difficult time getting there, [cue spooky music] JUST LIKE IN MY DREAM! I sent Professor Friend an e-mail to ask if she planned to be there, and she replied that she was vacillating, but leaning toward not attending.

The kicker is that the seemingly precognitive nature of the dream flies in the face of the subject matter.


Shay said...

What are you eating as a midnight snack that is giving you such dreams?

Angry Professor said...

I think you have more than enough evidence now that you have the gift of prophetic dreams. Certainly there's enough material here for 5 seasons of a paranormal reality program for the SciFi Channel. Shall I call the producers of Ghost Hunters?

GDad said...

The concept of "reality" programs on SciFi always cracks me up.

Bill said...

Wonders never cease, according to my dead grandmother.