Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Weather Weirdness

It was nearly 80 about two weeks ago. It snowed yesterday.


Anonymous said...

Yep. We're getting snow flurries later today.

Mother Nature is a PMSing bitch in the spring.

Guinea Pig said...

Funny, I thought she was a kind, gentle, loving soul recently. We were almost in the 90's and we are now in the 60's. I love a winter redo.

Guinea Pig said...

On a different note, if you like light reading, I recommend checking out Walter Moers. He writes children's literature that is sold in the non-children section (I hate to say "adult" section) of the book store. Poor guy will never get sold like that.

Anyway, give him a read. The first book, "Bluebear" is good, but I think you'd be more amused by the third, "The City of Dreaming books." They all build on each other so going in order makes most sense.

And the fact that my WV is redlyst just really cracks me up. Of course without reading the books you might not be guffawing.

The thing is that you both played off the Jabberwocky the very same day. It was a sign.

Bill said...

Maybe it is a sign that you should wear your swim suit while having a snowball fight.