Thursday, April 9, 2009

Yet Another Dream

I caught this post over at Stress Management and Other Things, which brought back the dream I had last night.

In the dream, I was working with two kids who were playing catch. They were both about 8 years old. The one closest to me could not catch the ball at all, and his glove was on backwards. I approached him and realized that he was in great need of help due to some profound developmental delays. I helped him put his glove on, and when he finally got all of his fingers in the right spots in the glove, the sense of accomplishment that radiated from him just made me all verklempt.

Not to fear, dream fans, it got weird after that. A large pod burst open, and someone resembling Eddie Murphy's Nutty Professor came out of the pod, commenting on everything that was going on in a Professor Frink kind of way. And there was something going on outside the window with a bunch of rabbits.

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