Sunday, May 3, 2009

Angry Language Guy

Is this a regional difference or a case of cliché decay?

Variant 1:
If he thinks that X, he's got another think coming.

Variant 2:
If he thinks that X, he's got another thing coming.


Guinea Pig said...

I know you don't "know me" but you have become a part of my life of late. I'm hurting deeply right now and would love you participating in my recovery. Your humor is beautiful. Follow my username back to my blog if you will. Drop me a note. And please, keep being you. Your blog adds to my life.

Jen said...

I have heard it both ways. I'm pretty sure #1 is the original way but the way people drop the ends of their words in these parts I hear it like #2.

GDad said...

#1 makes the most sense, but I've seen #2 in writing a couple of times recently. It's sort of like the You Suck at Craigslist blog's fascination with people selling a "Chester Drawers" instead of a "chest of drawers".

Anonymous said...

Cliche decay.

Some of them are pretty funny. The first time I heard this one, it was in the following context: "... I might be a lesbian for all intensive purposes..."

GDad said...


A good friend of mine introduced me to that one. I wonder what lazy purposes would be.