Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Recent E-Mail Exchange

Coworker: GDad, why did you give away your passes for the early screening of the new Star Trek movie? Didn't you want to go on Wednesday?

GDad: We're not going on Wednesday. The pass is actually one of those "maybe you'll get in/maybe not" kinds of passes, and the show time is supposed to be 7:30. In my experience with such things, that means the movie will start at 8:00 after they bring out some B-list local celebrity with Spock ears who will say something like "May the Force be with you!" Then they will pass out super cheeseball door prizes like a Star Trek poster or a plastic phaser (made in China out of lead and botulism). Once the movie is over, Goober and Jock from the local morning zoo will remind us to fill out our surveys, and be sure to put down our e-mail addresses so they can send us "informative newsletters" about upcoming events. Many of the people there will not have bathed this week, and I won't get home until after my bedtime, which is a time I cherish deeply.

I'll go on Friday. Dressed as Harry Potter.


Guinea Pig said...

Too tired to think of something clever to say. I love your humor.

GDad said...


We're sending our thoughts your way from here in Small Town.

Steven said...

We are trying to go this weekend, but we're having trouble finding a babysitter issues.

Anonymous said...

Um, a b-list celeb with spock ears would NeVeR say 'may the force be with you'!