Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Vacation Planning

We're looking at planning our vacation right now. Part of it will include GPop's 20-year high school reunion. Boy, I'm looking forward to that.

One of the issues is that we're undergoing a reorganization right now at work, and the boxes on the page versus the people in the group don't match exactly, so it's possible I might be in a position of looking for work by the end of the month. Bleh.


Bill said...

Sketch in more boxes when no one is looking.

Bill said...

Hey! Wait a minute...
You don't think this is part of that Waist Away at Work contest, do you?

Tim and Louie said...

GDad, sorry to hear about the potential RIF.

Last year when I got laid off, it was right around the time that my husband and I were making our summer vacation plans!

Talk about poor timing!

7 months later and I finally found a job. It's only part time and pays less than half of what I used to make.

Well, it's better than nothing!

Good luck to you!