Sunday, May 17, 2009

Your Favorite Schoolhouse

Son's school did performances of Schoolhouse Rock Live Junior this weekend. On Friday night, Son was in the chorus, but since the teacher made the odd arrangement of letting the chorus kids decide to be in one, the other, or both of the performances, most kids opted for Friday night, which made the Saturday performance a little short on kids. It was still a really good time, though.

There was a need for stagehands, so Son was faced with the choice of being the only boy in the chorus and having to sing the male part extra loud with his new dental appliance in that gives him Nerd Voice, or choosing to spend the time backstage with a couple of other kids messing around with the props. It wasn't really a choice at all.

After the performance, we all (Eggbert, Marcot, Mandy and Mr. Mandy, Geekina and Baldo McNerdy, GPop, Son, and I) went to O'Charley's. GPop's and Marcot's hot sandwiches were served cold. It took more than an hour to get our food. This is consistent with my other experiences at O'Charley's.

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