Friday, June 26, 2009

Foto Phriday - Mystery in the City Edition

We went to an art show in downtown Capital City a couple of weeks ago. As we were wandering around downtown, we came across these items sitting on the sidewalk. They are a bottle of vodka and a makeup case with most of the makeup spilled out.

Son and GPop hypothesized that a drunken drag queen hobo was wandering around. I added that this hobo wandered the country solving crimes for people who couldn't otherwise afford private investigators. If only we could get an agent, we could pitch this for the fall lineup.


Jonathan said...

I would watch it. It would be a top 10 hit.

Lill Hobo DQ said...

I'm the wandering littlest hobo drag queen! My name is Maybelle Smerhov II and yes I do travel town to town solving mysteries. You better get my permission (4 bottles of vodka and 2 packs of nails would do) before you pitch my lift story.

GDad said...

Lil Hobo DQ,

I wouldn't dream of cutting you out of the profits. You'd be the "true story" part of "inspired by a true story." What network? I'm thinking Logo or Bravo, but Bravo is more about "reality" shows, so probably Logo. Or ABC Family.