Monday, June 8, 2009

Four Word Movie Review - Up

Option 1:
Pixar does it again.

Option 2:
Six minutes in: tears.

Option 3:
Computer generated emotional rollercoaster.

Option 4:
See it in 3D.


Guinea Pig said...

My version:

newly widowed tear fest

Angry Professor said...

Cheater. That's a 16 word review. You only get four.

GDad said...

GP: Indeed.

AP: Guilty as charged.

Shay said...

It's about the only movie coming out this summer that I want to see.

Guinea Pig said...

Shay: I simply cannot wait for HP6. I know I must be insane but it is true!

Sanity is way overrated.

GDad said...

Looking forward to HP6, too.

M&M said...

I'm looking forward to HP6 as well. I've heard that it's 'funnier' than the last couple of movies. I'm wondering how they turned THAT book into something funny.

PS: my WV is suffuch. Sounds like something from quiddich in the HP books.

GDad said...

Suffuch is probably Quidditch with Suffolk rules.