Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Any Suggestions?

Just saw a license plate that read SHTBNR. I can't think of a non-naughty interpretation. My mind keeps wanting to put an R between the H and the T.


Bill said...

Salty Ham Turnovers Bracket Northumberland Rashers?
So Happy To Be N Rehab?
Summer Heat Thunderstorms Belie Numerical Recipes?
Senator Harkin's Toenail Bursts New Rubber?

I can see why you're stumped. I'll probably be pondering this all day.

GDad said...

I was thinking that it was two words, separated in the middle.


I guess it's more important what you do with it.

Bill said...

I'm sure that was the intent. I was having more fun with it in an anna crow nim sorta way.

GDad said...

Anna Crow should probably keep her nims to herself. It will help keep her under the radar of the FBI. Laser.