Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Out of Shape

I've been a bit of a slug for a while, and I recently decided that I need to look thinner in photographs. I've never actually watched Friends, but I've heard this exchange before...

Monica: (when watching the prom video) "The camera adds ten pounds!"
Chandler: "..So how many cameras were actually on you?"

I suppose there are also health issues, blah blah blah.

Anyway, if you combine our back yard and the neighbors' to the south, you get a pretty sizable chunk of land. When I got home last night, I walked a bit more than a mile around the back. I was able to feed the one horse that was close enough to visit, and I got a little bit of heavy breathing going.

If you start at the green dot, follow the yellow line (brick road?) three times around, then continue to the red dot, you'll have walked a mile. You'll also be about as far away from my house as you can and still be on the neighbor's property. You might as well finish the lap.

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