Thursday, July 2, 2009

10:20 pm Last Night

The scene - GPop and GDad are in bed, reading. Son marches in.

Son: Dad, I can't sleep.

GDad: [pats bed] Come here and sit. What's the matter? Are you too hot?

Son: No. I'm just not sleepy.

GPop: Do you want a glass of warm milk?

GDad: [giggles]

Son: [snorts, then giggles]

GPop: What?

Son: What's that supposed to do?

GPop: [sullenly] Helps you go to sleep.

GDad and Son: [giggling] Uh-huh.

[15 minutes later, after situating Son with a book and instructions to read until he got tired...]

GPop: What was wrong with the milk idea? I know it's a placebo.

GDad: So does Son. We were sitting with you when you watched it on Food Detectives. Plus, this is the same situation as my very first blog entry.

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Anonymous said...

I'm a sucker for warm milk, anyway. :)