Wednesday, July 29, 2009

FoaF Story (wink, wink)

So, um, a friend told me about, uh, his friend, whom we'll call "Lance," who was just moved around at his company, which we'll call Really BigCorp. Lance was a manager of, let's say... a team whose job it was to do business analysis and process modeling. Usually, business analysis and process modeling are two separate teams, but Lance's department had put them together under Lance's leadership.

Lance regularly received positive reviews from his boss, and Lance's direct reports always went out of their way to include him in conversations and made it obvious that they liked him. They said so to Lance's boss in person, and they always said so on the feedback forms collected by Lance's boss.

So, in this reorganization, Lance ended up as an individual professional rather than as a manager. He was assigned a position in the same department, but he now did work as a process modeler. Because of some of the weirdnesses of reorgs, there was a director position opened to which Lance would have reported, had he remained in management. Lance applied for the director position. He'd only been an individual professional for a couple of weeks, but because it was the result of a reorg, he wasn't especially obligated to remain in that position for a year or whatever.

He never heard from the HR recruiter. The job was filled by one of the other managers that reported to that new director position.

Finally Lance heard back from the HR recruiter. She said that Lance's background wasn't quite right, and that they were looking for someone who was already in a management position, and who had had experience in both business process modeling and in business analysis.

Lance slowly drank his coffee and wished that he still had some other vice to fall back on.


Angry Professor said...

Ouch. Poor Lance. Tell your friend to tell him to have a scotch with friends.

crankylitprof said...

Did Lance then go in to he HR break room and add a bottle of visine to the coffee pot, thus ensuring that HR wonks would be "upping their outflow" for the next few hours?

Tell Lance I can be his Hayduke book hook-up, yo.

Jen said...

Tell Lance that this really sucks and there are plenty of vices he can pick up fairly easily. I hope Lance can find a place in in this company that suits his talents or that he tells them to "take this job and shove it".

Shay said...

Based on similar stories I've heard from far too many sources I'm coming to the conclusion that most HR depts are window-dressing.

M&M said...

Lance has some options at ReallyBigCorp, if he wishes to pursue them. If he's not aware of what they are, tell him to contact me.