Thursday, July 2, 2009

MJ - Hidden Meanings

The Internet Anagram Server provides some anagrams for MICHAEL JACKSON IS DEAD.

A Hacienda Docks Slime
Sicko Melds A Hacienda
A Demoniacal Dicks Hes
A Demoniacal Sick Shed
A Manacled Disco Sheik


Steven said...

A Manacled Disco Sheik seems apt.

Ryan Michael said...

That's awesome! I was actually watching "Hannity" on Faux News last night and all they talked about was what a horrible child molester he was.

And you've given me a blog idea: My father and I have different opinions on being gay; the topic came up when we (both Republicans) were debating adoption by a same sex couple. Dad says it's a choice, I say it's not something you can turn on and off. Dad's proof: the bible. Mine: Science.

Science works bitches.

So add me as your one GOP voting friend who supports equal rights for ALL!!

Ryan Michael said...

Oh, and I hope that made sense. I'm sure your son will turn out to be a great man one day.

GDad said...

Ryan, it totally made sense. Good luck with slapping some sense into the GOP from the inside. Never mind that slapping someone from the inside sounds pretty kinktastic.

Thanks for dropping by, and stop again soon.