Monday, July 13, 2009

Scoot on Out

Son's minibike is getting too small. It is rated for under 150 lbs., and Son runs between 148 and 153 right now. Whenever I drive around town, I keep my eyes open for a used dirt bike, but the one I saw a while back was gone when I came back through from my errand. Alas.

GPop is off this week (and next, which is our trip to SF, in case you forgot), and he proclaimed that it was Barn Cleaning Day. Once they removed the piles of crap, they found all of the parts of the 1986 Honda Elite 80 scooter we had in the barn.

Son was excitipointed (excited and disappointed, all in one). I think he wanted a real dirt bike that could leap tall buildings in a single bound, etc., but at the same time, this was here and, barring a battery charge and fresh tank of gas, ready to go.

He told me that maybe it wasn't going to carry his weight, but when I let him know that it could haul my fat @$$ at about 30-35 mph on flat roads, he realized that maybe this was going to be OK. The battery is charging as I type this.

Remind me sometime to tell you the history of the scooter.


pixnlil said...

Awesome! I hope that it runs well and that he has increased mobility. =)

Dave said...

I am soooo jealous. One ride and he'll love it. Lucky kid.

Hypnoguy said...


I'm sure he'll love that scooter. I had an Elite 80 years back, just like that one, and it was fantastic. :D

GirlyWarrior said...

I love scooters! I hope he likes it, I'm jealous.