Tuesday, August 18, 2009

My Speaw and Magic Hewmet

I rode my motorcycle to work yesterday after not having ridden it for about two years. Since I was flitting back and forth betwixt two buildings, I was carrying my helmet quite a bit. Several people saw my helmet and said, in sort of wondering voices, "I didn't know you rode a motorcycle."

I guess I'm hard to figure out sometimes.

One thing I've noticed about my motorcycle experience is related to the helmet. The helmet I have, a Shoei doohickey that looks something like an older version of this, is apparently magic. Whenever I pass by strong smells, the helmet captures the smells for me. The beneficent magic part is that bad smells (roadkill, diesel exhaust, water treatment, etc.) go in and out, whereas good smells (fields of clover, bakery smell, other flowers) linger far longer than the time I am next to them. I haven't figured out that effect yet. It could be that the bad smells are very localized, and the good ones are more spread out. It would be cooler to have a magic helmet.

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