Monday, August 10, 2009

So Long Ago

The other day, Son and I were talking about video games, and I mentioned that the concept of "leveling up" in video games really wasn't in vogue until sometime in the mid-to-late 80s, but that I would have to research and cite sources. Son was amazed that it was so recent, and he marveled that so much of what he takes for granted is actually so new. I applaud him for considering <15 years before his birth to be recent, because at his age, anything prior to August, 1970, when I was born, was prehistory.

In any case, I told him that my dad had never had a computer in his house until my parents bought one for me when I was between seventh and eighth grade, and that we didn't have a DOS-based machine until I was just out of high school. Son was astounded.

It makes me really appreciate why my grandparents never wanted me to touch their television set until I was in my thirties.


Guinea Pig said...

Happy Birthmonth. You're almost exactly one year older than me. :)

GDad said...

Happy birthmonth to you, too. I hope there's a little sunshine there for you.