Friday, September 18, 2009

Breakfast Words

Mandy and I were in the cafeteria grabbing our breakfast items, because breakfast is the most important meal of the day!

Mandy: I think I'll have a biscuit today.

GDad: Biscuit. That's a funny word. Biss-kitt. Bissss-kitt. Biss-cyoo-itt. Biss-cyoo-itt.

Mandy: Most normal people don't pronounce it that way.

GDad: But we SPELL it that way.

Mandy: But again, most normal people don't pronounce it "biss-cyoo-itt."

GDad: Ah, sorry. BIZ-cyoo-itt.

Mandy: D__n you. Now I'll be saying that all day.

GDad: Glad to be of service.


Angry Professor said...

Bzzzt, thanks for playing. Biscuit is one of those words we acquired in the Norman conquest and it is pronounced "Bisss-kwee," just like it's spelled, TYVM.

Little Rainbow Comics said...

Put butter and jam on it and it tastes the same no matter what...

GDad said...

Angry, that's really funny. I was talking to Son the other day how the Norman conquest introduced a lot of words that the ruling class would have reserved for their affairs, including words relating to cuisine and parliamentary goings-on. (Notice how the previous point included metadata.)

LRC, yes, you are correct. In our Midwest State, though, one is just as likely to see said biscuits covered in a sausage gravy that
causes instant arterial blockage that is sometimes audible.