Saturday, September 12, 2009


We watched Lord of the Flies (1963 version) last night on the free On Demand function of our cable box. I'd never seen the movie before. Son fell asleep somewhere around the hour mark.

One thing I didn't quite get out of the story is how long they were on the island. Based on my recent observations of kids in malls, I'd guess around three to four hours.


Jen said...

I almost watched that last night but decided I didn't want to see the piggy scene and watched Armageddon for the billionth time and then a show about North American beavers which was fascinating, no, not that kind of beaver. As I recall from reading the book and watching the movie it's kind of scary. Of course kids at the mall are very scary.

Shay said...

And people wonder why I want a Taser for Christmas.