Friday, September 11, 2009

September 11

Eight years ago today, we had one of those "Reply-To-All" cascades at Megacorporation One. You know the kind - some numbskull presses Reply To All to an e-mail that went out to the whole company, and then it starts. Angry people from interns to vice presidents start replying to the message, saying things like, "STOP REPLYING TO ALL!" or "Please remove me from this distribution list."

Then, around 9:00 EDT, one of the replies to all said something about how this distribution list might be upsetting, but at least we weren't being hit by an airplane like those poor folks in NYC. Nobody around me had heard anything, so we checked CNN or whatever to see what was going on. We were stunned.

The guy next to me had an old 8-inch B&W TV in a drawer. He got it out, and several of us huddled around it, watching the live coverage of the tower's burning.

GPop was panicked. I worked in downtown Capital City in a high-rise building on the 23rd floor. He kept trying to reach me at my desk, and the phone systems was overloaded. He thought something had happed to our building. Finally he reached me.

I can only imagine what the situation was like in New York at the time.

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