Friday, September 4, 2009

Somebody Please Think of the CHILDREN!

I heard on the radio this morning that three school districts around Capital City are disallowing students to view President Obama's address to schoolchildren, because some parents are complaining that the President's stated goal of providing a fairly bland inspirational message of You Can Achieve Your Goals If You Try Really Hard And Stick To It will turn into a recruiting video for the Weather Underground Organization or the Judean People's Front or whatever.

"OK, this next part is for the students only. Teachers and parents, go ahead and leave the room. Go on; I'll wait. [pause] Are they gone? Go lock the doors and listen carefully, kids..."

I may be am painting with an inappropriately broad brush here, but it seems that the people who generally complain about this sort of thing intersect heavily with the set of people who push for things like Intelligent Design in the science classroom. In that instance, they'll say things like, "Teach both sides. Let the kids decide."

I wonder if there's some kind of treatment for the inability to see your reflection in a mirror?

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hwqe said...

There has been talk about this at work. I think it is silly. Dislike or like the President, he is the President. Many President's have made inspiration speeches to school children.

Okay, we'll be honest....the speech will create children of the corn who will hypnotize their parents into destroying the two class system....