Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The Off-Year Election

Thank goodness for the screed.

Last night, I was reviewing my choices for village council, township trustee, municipal court judge, and school board. Since the only race that was big enough to cause a blip in the media might have been the judicial race in Capital City, the other candidates were sort of ciphers. Thank goodness also for the series of tubes.

The Capital City newspaper (motto: "Proudly Giving Lie to the Phrase 'Liberal Media' Since 1882") has a voter's guide web page where one can select two of the candidates in a race and compare them side by side. This was a little awkward for the "pick up to four of these nine candidates" races, but you make do with what you've got.

A couple of the candidates were either unresponsive or unreachable when the newspaper sent them the questionnaire, but most had some responses listed. I am especially thankful for those candidates who took the time to write long-winded responses that were only tangentially related to the question and which showed off the very apparent need for increased dosages of their meds.

And, on a related note, when I voted today, I was the first voter. Finally, after 10 years of showing up before the polls opened did I manage to get to be first in line. Actually, it was a line of one.

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Bill said...

I hope there was no shoving at that line you were in at the polling station.

I voted this morning, too, here in the Old Dominion. Yea, us.