Monday, November 23, 2009

Spring Cleaning - In Autumn!

We rented a large trash container to get rid of a bunch of stuff out of the house and barn over the weekend. Our tattered sleeper sofa is now gone, and good riddance. For some reason, sitting on that thing for more than five minutes would hurt my back. Now the other couch from the front room has moved into the teevee room, and the front room's space is a bit more open with just the loveseat and the music equipment. And Beardie.

We also got rid of a piano. When GPop and I got our first apartment together, we were looking for some things to put in it. I had a stack of boxes from my college years as a resident advisor and from my tenure living in Baldo McNerdy's basement. I also had a vintage 60s hip naughahide chair. GPop had a bunch of boxes, a couple of plants, and a dresser.

Around that time, the Hillel Student Center at Midwest State University was planning a demolition and rebuilding of the facility. They were selling furnishings and fixtures to raise a little bit of money to help furnish the new building. GPop bought a piano for $50. It had been painted green at some point, but underneath was a nice mahogany. GPop thought he'd refinish it.

Since we lived in a two-bedroom apartment, there wasn't a lot of room to refinish a piano. GPop would slide the piano out onto the concrete slab between apartments A (ours) and B (the guys with the yappy dog) and smear stripping chemicals on it. He stripped maybe 20% of the surface before the weather forced us to move the piano inside. It sat in a corner for the rest of the five and a half years we lived there. I believe we covered it in something that we called a "piano cozy."

When we moved to our house in 1999, the piano was going to be the project we did in the barn. So we put it out there for a couple of months, but then we decided that we wanted it closer to the house so the cold weather of winter didn't completely destroy it. We put it on the uninsulated porch, but it was against the wall that separated the porch from the teevee room. We covered it in a tarp for temporary storage.

It sat there for more than 10 years.

Now we have that space back, and we no longer have to worry about refinishing a broken piano that was probably hopeless anyway. My only regret is that I never built that trebuchet to throw the piano into the back field.

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Bill said...

Well, at least it didn't cost you much. I bought one of those NordicTrack torture devices about 17 years ago and it takes up the same amount of floor space as a piano. I think I used it five times. It's being donated to a charity auction this year.