Sunday, March 21, 2010

Communication with the School

Dear Assistant Principal,

I received your letter regarding the incident on the bus last week where Son Lastname got off the bus at a stop that was not his assigned stop.  I wanted to let you know that Son had asked my permission to do this, and I had given it.  I had not been fully aware of the policy, and I sincerely apologize to you and to the bus driver for the incident.  I completely understand the importance of the rules in ensuring the safety of the students under your care, and I guess it didn't occur to me that this could potentially cause an issue.

If this incident follows Son in his dreaded PERMANENT RECORD, could you insert a note to the effect that his father is a doofus who was complicit in the affair, and that Son is not an irredeemable miscreant?  I appreciate your consideration and your dedication to my son and the students of Small Town HS.

GDad Lastname

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Jen said...

The dreaded Permanent Record! I would love to see mine. Funny thing is I have actually mentioned the Permanent Record to both of my children. Too bad they don't teach then about their Permanent Credit Rating.