Saturday, April 17, 2010


Over the Easter weekend, we were up at GPop's parents house. In the background, on the teevee (probably the History Channel), was Yet Another Documentary about Alexander the Great. At about the end, they said something about how years of being in battle and on the road had taken its toll on Alexander. They said he died after a long illness. I said, "I believe he had 'leonitis.'"

Maybe not my absolute best material, but nobody ever gets my best material. I say the material is classic. I would have killed at the Acropolis.

You think it's easy coming up with a snarky pun about the death of someone who died over 2000 years ago? OK, fine. Here's one: Sargon II. You try it. Not that easy, huh?

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GPop said...

I didn`t get it then and I stll don`t get it. But that is another reason why I love you. Your comments make me look stuff up & learn.