Friday, April 9, 2010

Foto (sort of) Phriday (definitely) - Corporate Involvement Edition

This is an e-mail sent by smart-aleck coworker whom I'd deputized to collect money for the Feed the Hungry campaign in my absence. There are some conditions for the dress-down days which have been complicated this year.

What if I wear a hat and stand on one foot during one of these weeks? it would be a week with a hat standing on one foot but not on holiday that is a week ending in Y but not a friday as they are $3 with a lunch ticket included if it is a Friday before a Saturday not to be confused with a Friday before a Tuesday which happens every 48th lunar leap year after a Sunday solstice event?

Then what do we tell people who want to pay?

My response was simply this Visio chart. Click to embiggen.


Jen said...

I can't embiggen enough to read it. Darn.

Dave said...

I think these silly charts can now be made in Google docs -> Drawing