Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Golden Days of Yore

This photo comes from the copyright page of a book I found in the waiting room of the Honda dealership where I was getting some auto maintenance done a couple of weeks ago. Notice how the requirements could be updated just very slightly to be green.

The book was really interesting. It was called something like Anthology of the Familiar. It was a collection of essays, poems, and passages from famous works. I think it was mostly published to cater to people's need for stability in wartime. I did find some passages that would never be published in a mainstream publication today, though. Some of the songs had not been updated to remove the very racist undertones overtones tones that they had in the original lyrics.

Also, the publisher wants to cooperate with our government. Is it good corporate citizenship, or is it socialist propaganda? Why should the government dictate book margins, huh? OLIGARH! Socialism!

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