Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Teaching Moment

I took Son and a couple of his friends to the new skateboarding park that opened in Small Town recently. On the way back, since the boys had been (relatively) well behaved, I offered to buy them each a small ice cream cone or something of equivalent value at the local Dairy Queen.

When we entered, I knew it would be a few minutes, because the customers in line were four high school senior/college freshman aged ninnies who were spending WAY more time texting than placing their orders. However, I was not in a big hurry, so I stood patiently and waited for them to arrange their critical social scheduled to allow for them to finish their orders.

As I was standing there with the boys, a teen girl, apparently known by the boys, approached me, smiled, and asked in a saccharine tone, "Can I cut in front of you? I only want to buy one thing."

I stared at her for a few seconds, then in my best dumb blond voice, said, "But we are in line." I crinkled the corners of my mouth upwards into a fake smile and stood very still.

She muttered, "I guess not, then."


Jen said...

I wish had the nerve to do something like that. Not the cutting but the crinkled corners.

Mustang Bobby said...

My response in cases like that is, "Oh, well, if it's that important to you..." followed by the fake smile.

Dave said...

I'd totally let any of them cut. The value in listening or trying to spy their texts could be worth a lot in terms of parenting advice.

I like to go the OSU local Starbucks around finals time to get my eavesdropping in for the college set.

Excellent work on the 40x40 program.