Wednesday, May 12, 2010

And Poker

I don't get out much any more. Not that I ever did. Since Son joined our family, my social activities have really been cut back, and I think some of my friends may have had a hard time adjusting to my lack of availability.

My current social activity revolves mostly around lunch. I try to eat lunch alone very infrequently. I'll schedule lunches with coworkers and other friends so that we have 30 minutes to catch up and talk about whatever. If I don't have specific plans, I have a default lunch group of the Three Wise Men. They've been working together (and lunching together) for 20 years and more. The oldest of the three is the newest employee of the company, and he has been there for 20 years this year.

I started having lunch with them as my default group about a year, year-an-a-half ago. They a really fascinating guys with varied backgrounds. One thing that I like is that their long-term friendship has allowed them to navigate treacherous conversations with ease. Their beliefs about the Big Three Conversational No-Nos might be different, but they know how to waltz adroitly around the topics of politics, religion, and money.

Recently, a new guy, whom I shall dub "Sven," has joined the group as often as not. He pushes our group to the right politically, toward the center religiously, and toward outer space in a few other LY's. I am really learning some interesting ways to pull conversations back to a comfortable place when they move off the beaten path.

And, even better, these guys even pretend to be interested when I totally geek out and point out that The Doctor's issues with getting to the right destination seem to be tied to the fact that he is using a Type 40 TARDIS, which may be a major plot point this season, so...

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Nanny Goats In Panties said...

Wait, does this mean then that sex is not one of the social conversation taboos? Interesting.