Monday, May 17, 2010

Bucket List

There are these newfangled waterless urinals in the men's rooms at the building where I work. One of them on our floor has been OUT OF ORDER since last Tuesday. Here are some reasons why this is ridiculous.

  1. The technology is roughly equivalent to a bucket.
  2. With a hole in it.
  3. That drains into a pipe in the wall.
Seriously - out of order?


Mustang Bobby said...

There's a chemical in the urinal that forms a water-tension seal over the piss to keep the smell down. (The chemical itself smells like piss, so what's the point?) Perhaps they're out of it... or using it in the Gulf of Mexico.

Bill said...

Do they have the little deodorant discs in the bottom? Maybe one of those stopped working, so they had to shut the whole thing down.

Anonymous said...

Someone went missing in the urinal. It is still under investigation.

GDad said...


That would explain a lot.

Katherine said...

I like the idea that something got lost in it.. perhaps a dog or small child? LOLOL!