Thursday, May 6, 2010

R.I.P. Beardie

GPop and Son took Beardie to the vet for a follow-up visit last night. Son was holding Beardie in the car on the way home when Beardie gave a small shudder. Son told GPop that he thought Beardie was no longer breathing, but GPop couldn't check out Beardie until they got home. Beardie did not respond to anything when they got out of the car.

I was taking a short rest when Son came in and shook me awake. "Beardie's dead." He started to walk away. I took his arm and pulled him close. He collapsed in my arms and started to cry. I sat him down and said what comforting words parents have had to say since kids started having pets. GPop was also distraught.

We buried Beardie in the traditional shoe box out in the back yard. I put some of those glass beads that look like marbles that have started to rot. Those are the treasures Beardie will take with him after he stands before the god Anubis to have his heart weighed against the weight of a feather. I am certain that Beardie has memorized the spells and passwords in my copy of The Egyptian Book of the Dead, which weirdly I can not find in its normal place as I am typing this.

I think I managed to calm both Son and GPop before they went to bed.

Here's a video of Beardie deciding whether or not to eat his lizard chow. This is from when he was still healthy. The vet believes it was some kind of growth that interfered in his bowels, which caused an injury that got infected.


Good-bye, Beardon J. Beardie, Professor of Bearditation at the Beard Institute of Beardology, and former Captain of the Forty-ninth Beardgade. Your short life from August 2006 through May 5, 2010 was a joy to our family.


pixnlil said...

Oh! Gdad, I am so sorry. I hope Son and GPop are doing OK. Losing a family member (even in pet form) just sucks. He was an awesome little guy, and he will be missed.

Angry Professor said...

Condolences. We're lifting one for Beardie over here.

GDad said...

Thanks. He was kind of neat.

Mustang Bobby said...

My condolences to you and the family. It is sad to lose a good friend, and I hope Son and GPop take some comfort in knowing he had a good and loving family.

Rknowne said...

Sorry to hear about Beardie he was a pretty cool pet,you all have my condolences.

Bill said...

It's hard to lose a pet, whether you're a kid or all grown up.
Beardie had a very swank home, unless he was dining out in that video.

GDad said...

Thanks RKnowne and Bill.

GDad said...

And MB.