Friday, July 16, 2010

Foto Phriday - Glad Someone Could Use It Edition

This is an e-mail I sent out yesterday. Someone claimed the mug, but then another teammate got the answer to the trivia question correct.

I got this mug in a drawing, and while I appreciate that Vera Bradley may be a popular designer, I really have no need for another coffee mug, especially one with a ceramic lid. First person to show up at my desk with the answer to the trivia question below can have the mug, the box, and the bag in which it is sitting. I'll even throw in the wadded up tissue paper that was in the bag.

Trivia Question:
Cmdr. Charles "Trip" Tucker III, of the Starfleet ship Enterprise (NX-01), was infatuated with a waitress at Club 620 just off of Starfleet HQ grounds in San Francisco. Lt. Malcolm Reed told Trip that he was probably mistaken about the waitress's interest in him. What was the waitress's name?

Extra bonus geek points if you can point out what mistake I made when I presented the information in the lead-up to the question.

Minus geek points if you just show up and claim the mug without answering the question, which you're welcome to do.

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