Friday, July 2, 2010

Foto Phriday

Here are Son and GPop on Segways. We took a Segway tour of downtown Chicago whilst there, and it was a blast. I highly recommend it to anyone who likes walking tours but finds the chafing more irritating than the sore feet.

The company we picked has guides that are WAY better than the guides we saw riding around from other companies. Choose Absolutely Chicago Segway over the others. Seriously.

A couple of hours before our tour, we watched a guide from another tour company demonstrate the Segway to some tourists. His spiel included this line. "My name is Travis. You can call me Travis, T-Bone, T-Dawg, T-Man, or even Travesty. Just don't call me Trevor, because that's another guy." Really? When your audience is eight 40-year-old to 60-year-old suburbanites? @$$.

Our guides, conversely, politely introduced themselves and gave a little bit of background on what their training, education, and relevant interests were. Then they made sure that they assessed people's skills and comfort with the devices, and did a 20-minute training session. Then they took us out for a really fun ride.

At one point, we parked near an interesting historical building. Next to it was a Fannie May Candy store (not Fannie Mae mortgage place). The manager of that store brought us a bag of chocolates. Yum!

Our guides opted to change the tour around a bit. Normally, they go through the parks, but since this was the weekend of Taste of Chicago, which more or less blocked off a huge portion of the park, they took us through downtown. I think that was much more interesting.

Now I want a Segway, but there's not much call for it when there aren't any sidewalks.


Dave said...

That looks so cool! I don't think the misses would do such an activity for fear of looking like a tourist (don't get it). Height requirement for kids?

Dave said...

Oops, the Mrs, iPad's tricky sometimes