Monday, July 26, 2010

Inside (the head) Voice

We went out for dinner on Saturday with our usual group of friends to a local Red Lobster. Little RoBet is the newest addition, and while she was pretty well-behaved, she is only about two months old, so she got a bit fussy. I decided to help out and walk her around out by the front door so she would calm down and not disturb the other diners. RoBet likes me, so she took to this idea pretty well.

As you can predict, if you have been human very long, there was a lot of cooing over the baby. The most common question was "How old is she?"

After a while, I thought about changing my answer from, "About seven weeks," to something like, "I don't know. Maybe nine or something." I didn't, though.

1 comment:

Bill said...

I like that!

You could really go to town with possible responses.
"Beats me. I just found her on the floor in the men's room. I've got dibs on her if no one claims her."