Tuesday, July 13, 2010

A Lass, But Not Alas

Mandy and Mr. Mandy had a little girl about six weeks ago. In order to keep weirdos from stalking this lovely child, I shall use the nom de blog of Rosalind Bethany TheirLastName. This is important, because it is close enough to her real name to make the joke funny. To me.

I have decided that the girl's nickname will be "RoBet," which is short for Rosalind Bethany. When you say it, you have to use a metallic robot voice.

"RoBet de-mands food NOW!"

"RoBet's dia-per is full. You will change RoBet IM-MED-I-ATE-LY!"

"You will now pay at-ten-tion to RoBet!"

So far, the parents have been indulgent of my peculiarity. I shall endeavor not to wear out my welcome. The baby is just so darn cute!

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pixnlil said...

And you say this after the cry-fest last weekend? Awww - you're so tolerant of her! She's got you wrapped tightly around her finger too, eh? =) Currently RoBet is demanding something . . . I must go investigate.