Thursday, August 19, 2010


The whole marriage debate (Google it if you haven't been inundated in this already.) reminds me of why I adore Miss Manners. I'm paraphrasing here, so others with an English degree, please forgive the quotes.

"The only reason I would be concerned with your romantic attachment status is so I know what other name, if any, to put on my dinner invitation to you. Writing 'and guest' is impolite and imprecise."

To those that want to argue the finer theological points of marriage, have at it. Your internecine struggles should stay just that. Keep in mind though, that manners do still count, no matter what our "role models" on talk teevee or talk radio demonstrate.


Bill said...

Well, darn. When do we get to go out & bash people?

GDad said...

Bill, you raise a good point.

Shay said...

The older I get, the more I'm convinced it really doesn't matter if the person you live with sits down or stands up to pee.