Saturday, August 21, 2010


Since the strange events of last year, I've been a little more assertive on managing my career options. A few months back, I found a situation where a director was losing two people at the same time. This director was someone with whom I'd worked in the past, and whose team worked on projects that I found to be fascinating. The loss of those two people wasn't due to burn-out, but rather promotional opportunities for them both.

I applied, and through the magic and quick speed of corporate HR, I am pleased to announce that I will be moving back downtown from Tidy Suburb of Far Away. This will provide me with some new challenges in an environment that I like and with subject matter that I enjoy. I will, of course, miss the people with whom I've developed strong working relationships, but, mirabile dictu, many of my projects over the next couple of years will involve exactly those people. Hooray!


Bill said...

I'm really happy for you! That is very good news.

Dave said...

Maybe an occasional lunch will be easier now.

GDad said...

Bill, thanks!

Dave, sounds very probable.

Hojimoto said...

Definitely need to try to get together for lunch. :)