Thursday, August 26, 2010

Turnabout Is Fair Play

Now I can control the radio waves.

When I got in my car to return from a lunch meeting, the CD in the player started playing the dulcet tones of a local bluegrass band. The song was an original number about some local towns and geographic features. I listened for a few moments, and the music reminded me of the classic tune, "Moon River." I shut off the CD and started to hum "Moon River."

A few minutes later, I bored myself with my humming, so I turned on the radio. The local public radio station to which I subscribe was playing their midday music lineup. Just as I turned on the radio, a very jazzy version of "Moon River" started up.

Take that, CIA!


Bill said...

I wonder if the spring from the garage door ties into this somehow?

Anonymous said...

Can you arrange it so that "Candy Man" plays whenever Rush Limbaugh talks? And maybe "You're So Vain" for Neal Boortz while you're at it?

GDad said...

The weird thing was that the version of Moon River that was going through my head was the Mrs. Miller one. If you haven't heard Mrs. Miller, you are missing a treat.

GDad said...

Anon, what a great idea!