Sunday, September 19, 2010

Android Aplications

Today's effort is a first pass at creating a custom exercise log. The user interface should include:

  1. Start button.
  2. Stop button.
  3. E-mail address entry field (persistent across sessions).
  4. Check boxes for types of exercises (legs, arms, chest, back, etc.).
The back end should have a database and knowledge of the system time and date.

The application should perform these functions:
  1. When the user presses the start button, the application creates a new database record that has the system time and date embedded so the record is unique.
  2. As the user checks the types of exercises, those records are added to the database.
  3. When the user clicks the stop button, the application creates an "end of workout" record and
  4. e-mails the results to the user.

So far, I've created user interface items 1 and 2, and actions 1 and 3. This is kind of fun!


Bill said...

...or you could just actually exercise.
Forget I said that. Carry on.

GDad said...